Shamanic rejuvenating massage

This technique serves to „energize“ our skin and in so supports the process of rejuvenation. It is not about denying our mortality, nor will it help anyone attain eternal youth. It is more about the preservation of physical attractiveness that empowers us to meet the challenges of our lives. Nowadays, the demands being placed on us have changed drastically, as have the conditions in which we live. It isn’t unusual for twenty-somethings to manage their own company. It may equally become normal to start your second or even third career in your sixties, marrying (again) or / and emmigrating to far away continents. Our life’s course could no longer be pinned down to a horizontal timeline anymore, as it had been for endless generations before us. This requires an increasing flexibility and fitness on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. However you can only be as flexible and fit as you are centered in your power.

This massage nourishes your skin with the force of light.

We start by centering our breath and feelings into our hands / fingertips. Then breathing in pure light from our crown chacra, holding the light like an energy vortex around our pineal gland and breathing out over our heart into our fingers. Feel the light that enters your heart. There, it is transformed into love that flows into each of your hands. Begin the massage as soon as you feel the energy tingling in your hands. During the whole massage it is important to concentrate on that flow of light and love from your head over your heart into your hands.

  1. Press your index finger into the dip between your shoulders and arms for 30 sec. (colon 16…acupuncture point)

  1. Press the edge of your upper lip for 3 x 30 sec (colon 19)

  1. Circle both index fingers at each corner of your eyes 3 times

  1. Press your index fingers and middle fingers above and below your lips (ren mai 24 & du mai 28)

  1. Lift the outer corners of your lips 30 times, while you softly push them up and outwards (stomach 4)

  1. Pull the skin around your nostrils softly outwards and circle 3 times (colon 20)

  1. Drag the corners of your eyes up and outwards 3 x 30sec (gall bladder 1)

  1. Press your index fingers below the middle of your eyebrows and hold it there for 3 x 30 sec

  1. Frame your pout with index and middle fingers on both sides and „mounting“ it for 3 x 30 sec

  1. Pull your skin out and upwards under your earlobes for 30 sec (gall bladder 12)

  1. Drag your skin behind your ears upwards and backwards (gall bladder 9-11)

  1. Pull the transition point between your upper ear and your face upwards and circle outwards (gall bladder 7)

  1. Put your index fingers in a v shape on your forehead and pull softly and very slowly upwards.

  1. Press and pull upwards on the outer ends of your eyebrows for 3 x 30 sec. (threefold burner-?-23)

  1. Press 3 x 30 sec with both index fingers between your eyebrows, on the centre of your forehead and at your hairline. (bladder 2-3)

  1. Put all your fingers on your hairline and drag them slowly backwards over your head.

  1. Wave your hands upwards from your chest over your face (without touching it) several times.

  1. Breath slowly. Feel the flow of love and light in every cell.

  1. Feel gratitude for life and allow grace to shine.

Repeat every 7 to 14 days.

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