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Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset… (Lakota Sioux Chief Yellow Lark in 1887)

The lakota are said as farewells with the words: „May you walk in beauty“. Beauty in this context certainly refers to a pure heart, the integrity of our deeds and the most rewarding experiences on our life’s path. Beauty can also be a tool of magic. As a craft, it holds the power of transformation. Through war paints, ritual masks or even eveyday fashion, beauty is an individual expression of our emotions, social affiliation and in specific circumstances a way to call upon or embody invisible powers / entities. In this capacity, it influences our surroundings as well as ourselves.

Throughout all epochs of human history, varying ideals of beauty always stood as a reflection of social developments of the time. For example heroic but faceless masculinity in iron armour, or doll-like femininty in bleeding shoes and bent ribs. The magic of beauty has often been reduced to a stiff corset of social standards that we live by. However, each individual’s unique beauty might nevertheless find its way to break through.

To appreciate and honour the beauty of this world, let it empower us and fill us with joy. The expression of beauty serves the same purpose.

This blog is about everything that helps us shape our inner well-being with magic wands of beauty, and in the process honouring and empowering our humanness on all levels of existence.

Paracelsus coined the famous phrase in 1537: „Only the dose makes the poison“. The overdose is obvious in our consumption obsessed and appearance dominated world. We have turned the power of beauty into some form of black magic, a narcisistic dance around me, myself and I. The wounded child imprisoned in the vicious cycle of applause and rejection. The addictive overconsumerism and never-ending appearance preoccupation are just covering up the screaming emptiness of our woundedness. This infinite loop is a vampires’ waltz, constantly being abused and abusing for short-term rewards that often collapse over time into disasters for our finances, health and well-being. The way out requires a lot of discipline and inner work, as does every other kind of withdrawal (blog1). In our increasingly virtual world, where all physical aspects of life are somehow devalued, breathing techniques, massages, chants, movement, smell, touch, fashion and make up can support us BEING in our own force and walking in beauty.


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