Curses and Obsessions Part I

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Spirits that I’ve summoned“

The one, who at the same time perceives his shadow as well as his light, sees himself from two angles and therefore stays in center.“ Carl Gustav Jung

Short version: 

 The energetic field around us is constantly changing. If this field is stagnating over a longer
 period of time, one may presume that there are forces at work which bind us onto certain
 issues. We feel and somehow might be under a spell. 
 Curses are reservoirs for external, dense energies. If we are cursed we believe to be who we
 aren’t and suffer from pains where there seems no cure for. Our soul is screaming for help. 
 The dark entities entangled into these severe curses try to prevent us from finding and 
 accepting that help. But however trapped we might be, there are always supportive forces 
 even in the darkest night of the soul. In this case we need a healing support, because curses 
 most likely cannot be healed by oneself.

The figurative language from myths, fairy tales and archetypes might be just a poor human attempt to understand the invisible world of psychic energies a little more. Wether angels, fairies, demons or extraterrestrials exist as we imagine they do, remains more than questionable. Less questionable is that they do somehow exist. Unless you doubt everything that can’t be proven. If so it might be better just to stop reading any further, just because in this case it’s nothing but crap…have a wonderful day!

Numerous authors, channels and healers only focus onto the light. Less attention or even none gets the „kingdom of shadows“ with its demons, tormentors and princes of darkness. Curiously enough they get banned into the Middle Ages or even earlier, as if they so stop existing.

No doubt, it is very useful having a positive attitude towards life. Besides the fact, that this isn’t always possible, it seems to me even dangerous negating all the darkness that there is. Firstly we leave those immense powers to black magicians, devil worshipers and all those who know how to abuse them. Secondly ignorance has never protected us from anything, even if we’d like it to be.

If you wanna reduce the influence of the „dark side of the force“, you maybe should above all acknowledge its existence.

So how would I describe this kingdom of shadows? I would categorize it roughly into three realms:

1. the personal kingdom of shadows.

2. the karmic and collective kingdom of shadows.

3. the impersonal kingdom of shadows as an opposite pole in the duality of life.

1. The individual kingdom of shadows

Since Sigmund Freud it is sufficiently known that we store all the mainly unwanted memories in our subconsciousness. Those memories that we were not able to handle at the time we went through them. This protective function might be highly useful for survival. The problem is that these traumatas and complexes develop a life of its own which poison our psyche and become somehow „visible“ as a grey veil around us. An academic psychologer might tear ones hair right now, if I claim to describe these subconscious and separated parts as entities. For the majority of spiritual knowledge it is valid to say that you have to feel and experience it. It can’t be repetetivly proven in laboratories. Therefore it is an individual decision wether such knowledge is useful or not. These parts which I would describe as personally created entities manipulate our self-perception as well as the perception of the world surrounding us. They attract other entities on a similar vibrancy level. That means for example that we experience unwanted reactions with other people or we act in a way that we don’t want to. We are often other-directed by the torments and pains of our childhood.

2. The karmic and collective kingdom of shadows

We enter a space here that is hardly imaginable what doesn’t indicate that it isn’t existing close or even somehow close as how I try to describe it.

This dimension includes our past from previous lives on our soul’s journey. It also includes the collective human experience. If humans or other living beings experience pain or oppression it influences everything that lives. Therefore this collective memory includes plants, minerals and animals as well. The personal and the collective leaves an imprint on our soul. We are influenced by love, compassion and joy too. But this has nothing to do with „shadow work“. Our soul’s journey might include living on other planets and parallel universes. So it would be more precise to say: the individual and collective memory stored in every life form that there is and has ever been.

All our unresolved dramas from previous lives are deeply buried in the karmic and collective kingdom of shadows. We are partly other-directed because those dramas still condition our behaviour and our circumstances of living. This conditioning attracts similar energies and entities (what is very hard to differentiate). Entities caused by individual or collective karma are not necessarily stronger than those entities that exist in our personal subconscious. They are just harder to detect. Every process of maturity and shadow work help us purifying from entities. These entities and everything they cause and attract want to be redeemed. The pain we experience could therefore be called a cry for redemption. This is not to be true for the impersonal kingdom of shadows.

3. The impersonal kingdom of shadows

The impersonal kingdom of shadows could be called the heart of darkness. It can neither be transformed nor destroyed. It is part of the duality of life. The evil is less active as we fear and more active as our wishful thinking wants us to believe. It has no desire for the ruin of our souls without our „support“. It is tempting us, but accepts our sovereignty. At a time we actively ally with the evil as part of our journey. We want power, revenge, fame, you name it. Everything we do at the expense of others. We cling onto our involvements. That’s the irony in it: we call them to exalt our ego and end up being completely enslaved. Deep inside we believe that we are doomed. These energies support our desire. „The spirits that I’ve summoned“. It is part of our development. The difficulty is to get rid of them. There are some main reasons why it is difficult to do so:

2. Consequences

2.1 sense of guilt and believes

2.2. possessions

2.3. curses

2.1.Sense of guilt and believes

Every life form is integrated into the greater good. As attached as we might be onto our individuality we are always part of a bigger picture. Not less, not more. Deep inside we very well know if we take more than what is ours. We’re aware of abuse, betrayal and humiliation (look as well, article shamanism- a introduction: inherent laws of life). Nature doesn’t judge what we do, we do. Nevertheless all our feelings, thoughts and deeds interact with everything that is. We leave imprints in the field of life and since we are not separated the same imprints are onto us. As long as we are in embrace with evil, we are hurting others as well as ourselves. And we know. We might ignore our pain and the pain we cause, but as we learned from Einstein: No energy gets ever lost.

Or as Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice says: “„Spirits that I’ve summoned my commands ignore”.

The universe is information and we are information carriers. We “store” this information and so suffer from its inherent vibrancy until we become more aware and are able to forgive and let go. The way we experience ourselves and the world might not be the way we are but more so characterized by the information we carry. This realization might be the first step towards transformation. To forgive oneself (and others) and letting go, might be the harder one to do. Transmuting dense and dark energies is the only, only way to “get rid of them”. No energy gets ever lost, but it can be transformed.

2.2. Possessions

Possessions are implanted if we are out of our mind. Shamans call it soul loss. Soul loss doesn’t necessarily include a possession but often is an invitation for other life forms to enter. If we’re in embrace with evil we’re no longer in charge. We’ve cursed ourselves by our thoughts, feelings and deeds and sooner or later probably get other-directed by demons, decedents or extraterrestrials. Very rarely do possessions leave our system without external assistance (see also part II)

2.3. Curses

You can curse yourself (deeply rooted believes and continous feelings of shame and guilt) or get cursed by others. Curses are reservoirs for external, dense energies. If we are cursed we believe to be who we aren’t and suffer from pains where there seems no cure for. Our soul is screaming for help. The dark entities entangled into these severe curses (various curses (see also part II) try to prevent us from finding and accepting that help. But however trapped we might be, there are always supportive forces even in the darkest night of the soul.

3. Entities

Apart of the fact that this sounds like some weird fairy tale, let’s look a bit closer what different dark entities there might be (as far as I “know”) which are entangled into these kind of curses.

3.1. Tormentors and teasers

The less dangerous entities are the tormentors and teasers. They “only” play practical jokes such as hiding, devastating or relocating things. They support forgetfulness and confusion, are responsible for insomnia, weird sounds and circumstances. Most of them don’t want to hurt us severely but they get “nourished” from irritation and any kind of disorder.

3.2. Decedents

Spirits who are somehow trapped between life and death tend to latch onto living beings draining their life force. The being alive is somehow lulled into an obscure veil of grief. Sometimes they even possess a person or haunt places, they are attached to. Often there exists a karmic relationship between the decedent and the ones involved.

3.3. malevolent nature spirits

Trolls, goblins and gremlins for example could be regarded also as tormentors and teasers. The border is fluent. Those nature spirits are able to harm us a lot more than the other teasers tend to do. The dark elves like the Banshees in celtic mythology despise humanity. After all we did and do to nature they might not have changed their mind.

3.4. Extraterrestrials

As it is with all entities there are always harming and helpful ones. This also applies to the group of extraterrestrials. And no, I’m not talking about green men in flying sauces. I’m talking about numerous intergalactic forces of all kind invisible to our senses like all the other spirit kingdoms. At least most of the times. Some of them look upon humankind as their experimental field. They manipulate us into overwhelming emotional states and excesses. Their goal is to observe our reactions and limits. They don’t care what consequences and nightmares we go through. Some very powerful dark entities belong to them and could be regarded as demonic. We are their video game, so to speak.

3.5. Parasites

In some way or the other all these entities are parasitic forces. But there are those that mainly drain our life force. They get “nourished” from fear, depression and grief as well.

3.6. Contract executers

Contract executers want you to maintain your belief system. No matter how hard you try to be positive, they don’t want you to change and keep holding you back from moving forward.

3.7. The dark angels, demons and evil princes

The most powerful dark forces are the dark angels, demons and evil princes. All those spirits already mentioned obey them. If those are the army. This is the headquarter. They are called purposefully or indirectly by massive destructive feelings, thoughts or deeds. With them as our ally we harm deeply all that lives to exalt ourselves. This might work for a certain amount of time, but causes karmic debt, as the old traditions would say. I would call it more a “negative” imprint of severe separation that sooner or later profoundly influences all we are. Then our life turns into hell. We wish we’d never been born.

If we are assuming that we in our limited human existence are only a fraction of what we experience as a whole and this includes everything visible on all the planets, galaxies and universes, we might guess how many energies surround us. Most of the times we are not conscious of this at all. This enables us to manage our daily lives the way we do. Wether this will be the same for future generations we don’t know.

Before I start executing how you could protect aka clean your energetic field, I want to emphasize that not every crap we might experience is due to these forces. We are born into a dense matter and a world of duality. We fear to loose, what we love. On the other hand in the moment we deeply connect, we also give birth to the anger of not being able to express ourselves fully and independently. We experience lust and pain in a body. This is the duality of earthly existence. Or how the native Americans use to say:” sometimes it rains, because it rains.”

In earlier times people believed that we got nightmares because a dark elf was sitting on our chest causing us to suffer. Sometimes it might be “just” personal stuff we process during the night, sometimes an elf, probably both. The borders are fluent and how we call it of secondary importance. Our psychic field as well as the energetic fields around us are far more complex and diverse as we even can imagine. It is not possible to remove entities once and for all. Life is constantly moving. So is the invisible “landscape” around us. But there are some ways helping to clean your field and transform dense energies.


4. Dealing with entities

Our energetic field is always filled with vibrant energy and forces. Our own as from those surrounding us. We are part of the web of life with its endless visible and invisible expressions on different levels of development. The fact that there are entities is in the nature of life itself. During crisis our energetic level is low. The support of skilled healers and close friends can strengthen us in this process and this influences our energy level as well. In case someone is trapped in the same dramatic, energy-consuming, physic and mental loops of relationships and events over and over again, this could provide an indication of possessions, curses and/or dark entities. These people tend to have broken voices, heavy gaits, continuous fatigue and depression. They seem to be surrounded by a grey veil. If these symptoms don’t change, even though the affected person undergoes therapies and/or other forms of support it could be for the very same reason.

The field of entities around us is constantly changing. If this field is stagnating over a longer period of time, one may presume that there are forces at work which bind these entities onto this person. In this case you need a healing support, as mentioned already.

In general there are three important “advices” for being in or returning to a positive state of mind:

4.1. Awarness

4.2. Courage

4.3. Action

4.1. Unintentional awareness through breathing

Various eastern masters practice the art of breathing. The so called “Prana” as a carrier for life-energy and emotions. If we concentrate on breathing only we calm our mind. As if we are opening a sacred space inside ourselves to come home. It enables us to become more aware who and where we are right at this instant. Being unintentional is the first and sometimes hardest step in the storms of life. Judgement, panic and anger are a bridge to the dark side. Absence of intention brings us home into our sacredness. Just breathing. It is so simple and yet requires so much discipline. No thinking. No acting. Breathing.

4.2. The courage of thruthfullness

In centering and absence of intention we are willing to accept our inner truth. We are most courageous warriors because we are able to having laid down our arms of justifications, denials and resistance. We no longer fight for what we want or how the world should celebrate us but rather accept what truly is. In doing so we might feel completely defenceless and naked, but the irony is that this is where we return to our true power. Thruthfullness requires intrepid courage. If we are able to let go of what we’d like to be or to have, we can accept what is. We free ourselves from the dense illusions of greed and shame. This kind of honesty always invites transformation.

4.3. Taking action

Lip service is nothing but sound and smoke. Realizations don’t want to be produced only. They need to be born and lived. Energy that we consciously give into the circle of life, always returns to us, one way or the other. We need to move to get moved.

The protection against unwanted guests is roughly divided into three points as well:

5.1. Grounding

5.2. Nourisment

5.3. Prayer


The most important and at least in our mental culture most neglected way is grounding. It starts with realizing that we are “just” part of nature, whose creation we are. In our daily lives it helps to walk barefood, gardening or simply walking in nature. All that reconnects supports us in uniting with everything that is and therefore helps us cleaning our field. Mother earth is a place of transformation. Consciously giving negative dense energies into the ground is clearing our so called aura. Imagining roots grounding our feet into the earth helps connecting. You can also imagine a “sacred space” around you with a sacred flame in front of you. It is helpfull sending all negativity and all that not (or no longer) belongs to you through that flame into the ground. You can pray too that all that belongs to you and what has been taken away from you will be returned to you through this sacred flame. Some call Archangel Michael to cut unnecessary cords and connections. To give back wings to our spirit we need to be deeply rooted into the earth. The fiery core of our planet transforms any darkness. Our divinity is rooted in her womb.

5.2. Nourishment and further cleaning

Regularly cleaning our body and environment is basic. Sea salt baths, burning herbs (sage, juniper, palo santo) or incense and spraying rose water into our aura (very good for the skin as well) is helpful. Rolling raw eggs down our body when we feel sick or down, or for clearing the room putting four eggs into each corner over night and afterwards burying them into the ground is a very old way to get rid of dark energies. This has been practiced all over the world. Sounds weird, but works. Regularly letting go of old stuff is also very useful. Things we don’t use are just weight.

Healthy food and physical training support us in moving our whole energy system and so be connected to the movements of life. It helps our body and our emotions to let go of unnecessary stuff. Constructive talks and tenderness strenghten our body, mind and soul.

Most of these tips are boringly known. But it is always good to remember.

5.3. Forgiveness, gratefulness and prayer

This is the way to get in touch with the divine no matter what religion or culture. We have to forgive ourself and others to be open to receive. It is not about denying the past. But through forgiving we enable the emotional charge connected to that very past to die and be transformed over time. Gratefulness helps our wounds to heal in calling in more abundance due to recognizing the abundance we have even during hard times. It is not how much abundance we have. It is about how much we are able to appreciate it. Prayer is the container transporting our wishes, needs and questions. All emotionally charged or mentally focused thoughts are prayers. Nature does not judge. Nor might the energetic realms of life. Wether divine or dark. Just to keep in mind.

The shamans in Chile, the Machi, pray every morning to the divine and with these wise words I want to close my thoughts. May these words help you to live your light that no darkness will ever be able to destroy:

Great Spirit, please forgive me all I thought, felt and did unaware of you. I deeply thank you for a new day in my life and all the preciousness it will unfold. Keep me protected and support me in everything I need. Aho, I have spoken”.


6. My own experience with these dark entities and energies

Just imagining that one of the reasons for my deep misery might have been caused by entities made me literally sick. My ratio just wanted to run away screaming. So I made a deal with my intellect: I didn’t see any other option at that moment, so it seemed ok, to give it a try, fully awake, always observing. When someone else „removed“ these entities from me, I felt relieved, but only for a very short period of time. The reason behind might have been that I was still full of curses in which these entities are entangled and as long as there are curses these entities return to their „home“. So I felt terrible again and yes, I was doubting. But I had nothing to loose. Rosi Dotten, one of my shamans, kicked my ass, telling me that I have to learn doing it by myself. Did I believe her? I didn’t know. I didn’t care. My intellect reluctantly agreed, because doing so, didn’t mean spending further money on seminars and sessions. It „just“ meant doing it. Every freakin‘ day for 9 months.


At the beginnng it seemed like fighting the winds of the Baba Yaga (most famous witch in russian fairy tales). Miserable, powerless and small. I felt ridiciulous, but I continued. My life didn’t improve. I continued, because I felt I needed to give it a try. I knew that the curses would have to end one day and then something should change, if I wasn’t doing something completely foolish. And if so I at least tried everything I could at that moment. Did I take action as well? Yes. But at the beginning it seemed like the same vicious circle over and over again. Slowly, very slowly the entities got less. Slowly, very slowly my circumstances became less dramatic. Very few people knew. You don’t run around telling people that you work on your entities. Maybe you would. I don’t. Even now I don’t do it. Spiritual marketing is not my cup of coffee. If you’re interested in what I have to say, read it. If you don’t, leave it.

My life’s conditions slowly improved. People reacted friendler. Drama didn’t seem to be inevitably programmed into my life. After all curses were gone it finally changed. Slowly.

I still regularly remove my entities. Not daily. But regularly. No Hollywood violins. It seems however like I landed in a parallel universe with a much sweeter path to walk upon. I can’t describe it better. Wiser. I apologize. But because of that I somehow have an idea of what they are doing to us and that they in some way or the other do exist. I’m very well aware, that I (still) know so few. And not at all how things truely are. But this is not what matters. How does Hippokrates say:“He who heals is right.“ I would add: All that heals is somehow right and true. This is all that matters in the end: healing. Are entities the key? Yes. One of many. On a bunch of keys, also called love, it is one that might (there are no rules and must dos!) be necessary opening the gates to returning to our sacredness. Home.

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