Curses and Obsessions Part II

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The weird sisters hand in hand,

Posters of the sea and land,

Thus do go about, about,

Thrice to thine and thrice to mine,

And thrice again, to make up nine.

Peace! The charm’s wound up”

(Macbeth / William Shakespeare)

Thus do go about, about…the charm`s wound up.” The witches’ spell is spoken; whose prophecy foresaw the eventual downfall of King Macbeth.

Curses and obsessions deform the energy field of a person. One is enmeshed in torments, out of which he’s not able to free himself. He believes himself to be, what he is not. He or she is cursed.

1. Obsessions

With an obsession, we become a container for an external power that settles into us like a parasite, and starts controlling one or several areas of our behaviour as well as our life. The obsession is now in charge. Unlike ‘usual’ external entities, which might ‘only’ manipulate us, we become afflicted by miserable conditions such as severe sickness, fixating on tragedies and depression. We are caught up in negativity and will therefore more likely to be rejected by others.

Obsessions can take place when we consume hard drugs, have severe karmic issues allowing them to enter, intentionally abuse our power, participate in unholy spiritual practices such as black magic or follow „obsessive“ (extremely manipulative) Gurus. In most cases obsessions occur when we actively invite those forces to possess us through our behaviour. This desperate state of being sooner or later leads to violent insanity, where the obsession causes its host to commit continuous acts of cruelty. We can perfidiously even get possessed as victims. Justice is a human invention. Nature never judges. Nature vibrates and interacts. In moments of deep trauma and suffering we are very likely loosing ourselves and so might get possessed. Purposeful acts of violence might cause demonic forces of the aggressor “jumping” onto the victim.One example would be sexual abuse. The victim feels so overwhelmed and utterly powerless that this can be an invitation for obsessive energies to seize them, as if the horrible event in itself is not distressing enough. Possessed people will sooner or later destroy themselves and / or harm others severly so that this evil energy can continue its lethal journey.

Obsession is not an actual being as we understand it; it is more a very dense energy, but with a consciousness of its own. This dense energy could be extra-terrestrial, demonic or otherwise supernatural such as ghosts.

Ghosts can haunt us, if we are connected to him or her from the present or former lifetimes. But they have no desire in destroying their host. They rather aspire to live vicariously through them or be very close to the affected person in order to inhibit intimate relationships he or she has with others. The life of the affected one becomes dominated by sorrow, loss and loneliness. The mourner seems to be trapped between worlds much like the ghost is.

Extra-terrestrials possess people for experimenting with them. They aim to explore the range of emotions that are unknown to them; they do this by deliberately subjecting the possessed into extreme circumstances.

Some Native Americans believe that only obsessed people can truly and foremost purposefully harm others. They also believe that certain traumatic events lead to the ‘loss of soul’ (severe psychological traumas) and that obsessions often feel invited by this (inner) emptiness.

Sometimes spontaneous healings occur when the soul rises up against the invader and invisible forces support its expulsion. However, this rarely happens, usually a shaman or healer is needed to remove the obsession without jeopardizing himself and the afflicted person.

Not all negativity is caused by external entities, such as obsessions or curses. This is ONE possible outcome resulting from massively harrowing events or tragic circumstances that cannot be overcome, even with the greatest efforts.


When we talk about obsessions we distinguish between ‘normal’ manipulative forces and more specific entities. In the same way, we could also distinguish between curses as weak and strong.

Weaker curses arise through constant bombardments of negative thoughts and emotions. It can come from deep within us, as well as from others. They weaken and disturb the flow of life, so that we drive through our lives with the brakes on. However, somehow we do still manage to get somewhere.

Stronger curses mutate our physical and mental DNA. No matter what you do, there is no relief, no improvement whatsoever. You are profoundly affected by personal dramas such as illness, existential fear and/or grief for love. Sometimes only one area of life is disturbed, but usually several of them. Life is sheer torment; every success, happiness and pleasure will only be short-lived. We become shrouded by darkness, where the true core of our personality only shines through occasionally. From feelings of guilt and failure we consciously curse ourselves or others curse us out of hate, envy or vengeance. We carry this curse like a yoke at our core, lifetime after lifetime until we are finally ready to meet someone that can free our soul.

Wether we’ve cursed ourselves or got cursed, insights and forgiveness are not enough. Usually curses can only be solved through an act of grace. Most of the times this act of grace can only be carried out by someone else. We’re captured in the underworld like the sumeric goddess Inanna. We need someone else to free us like her.

Being liberated from a curse is a celestial act of grace. There are certainly instances where humans attain liberation solely through divine intervention, on most cases however, another person is needed. It’s as if we need a living intercessor to bear testimony of how we deserve to be free; the angels are not the ones who need someone to tell them that we deserve it. We do.

If we are cursed we sooner or later will meet someone who is able to free us from them.

We might have lived too long with misery and shame, to be able to forgive ourselves for all the torments we’ve endured. Sometimes the path of liberation is not an easy one. It takes time for this deformed matrix, in a matter of speaking, to dissolve. Even after we are finally free from these curses, we might still require some adjustments, especially to our own belief system. Or as Master Yoda from Star Wars says: “Unlearn you must, what you have learned.”

Obsessions and curses can be barely differentiated through their effects. Obsessions are sometimes more obvious, because the behaviour of the afflicted person can be very extreme and excessive.

While obsessions not necessarily contain curses, curses themselves very often include obsessions. Obsessions are always located somewhere within the body, whereas curses are not necessarily localized, but they always change the entire DNA. Obsessions as such cannot be inherited, but curses often involve entire families and can be passed on through generations.

In western society, we tend to regard curses and obsessions as obsolete superstitions. These ideas invoke fear, cynicism, denial or complete negation. Many believers of science ignore the fact that science is always reductive. Science stands for what can been proven repeatedly. However, there might exist more between heaven and earth beyond what can be documented. The fact that charlatans and frauds often exploit the possible existence of this unknown realm, does not make finding help on these subjects easy.

Nevertheless I want to re-emphasize that curses, obsessions or negative entities are just ONE possibility out of many causes of suffering. Maybe the truth is to be found somewhere in the golden mean: not everything you make up yourself or told to you is necessarily fact, and not everything that appears strange and unfathomable is inevitably nonsense. The good news is: You don’t have to believe in it in order to be healed. If you think you might be affected, you should seek out someone who is able to decipher these matters or even able to help in resolving them. I personally would pray to all the benevolent forces in finding the right person(s) to help.


In my article about teachers, shamans and healers I have put together some links of people I can sincerely recommend. (coming soon)


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